Apple Watch the first landing app

Arrives in stores April 24, and only in selected countries, but all seems to be ready for the launch of Apple Watch. In addition, while the Cupertino Company officially announces the Apple Watch Shop in London, Paris and Tokyo, on the App Store come into view the first intelligent clock dedicated applications.

Apple today launch the publication of the first software dedicated to Apple Watch, available today on the US section of the App Store. As already known, these applications will be handled through an iPhone updated to iOS 8.2, thanks to a special section for matching the smartwatch. Are thirty software already available, destined to multiply dramatically over the coming weeks? According to unconfirmed rumors, in fact, Cupertino would arrive at the launch of the machine with hundreds of proposals available to consumers.

Apple Watch

List all the obtainable titles is a difficult task, also because it will serve until the release of Apple Watch in Italy to find out which app actually arrive on the boot. From the description of some of these, however, it is possible to draw a profile of functions not yet fully explored the wrist device. The application developed by Evernote , popular software-rounder in the world iOS, reveals the ability to dictate notes using the microphone of the device, and then sync them automatically with other iDevice in use.

The proposed Target, a well-liked shopping center US, is based instead on a shopping list wrist, with the ability to get directions and systematic guides to find your favorite product and never get lost in the shops. Starwood Hotels reveals finally a comfortable suite wrist, with the opportunity to not only make the flight phases of check-in and checkout or find parking, but also the innovative feature to unlock the door of their room just off the screen clock. Therefore, for all or software by now disclosed, each of which reveals one of many universes in which Apple Watch can useful.