5 Tricks to Make Life Easier When Using the Mail Application with an iPhone or iPad


The operating system iOS, installed in series on the iPhone and iPad from U.S. manufacturer Apple range devices, include a native email application that allows you to read incoming emails from any server (iCloud, Gmail, Yahoo, etc.). This application, named after “Mail”, hides certain tricks that significantly facilitate their use throughout the day. These little tricks are very simple to implement and prove to be very much help when managing hundreds of emails throughout the day.

This time we’re going to list five tips to help you use the application “Mail” on an iPhone or iPad. To perform these tricks does not need to install any application, but we just have to hand our iPhone or iPad to implement the ideas that are detailed below.

Trick number 1 delete emails with a single motion.

When slid to the left an email inbox application “Mail” appears to us two options: “More” and “Save”. But and the option to delete mail where is it? To have this option accessible in a single motion, all without even opening the email you want to delete, the application must go to Settings, click on the section “Mail, Contacts, Calendar”, select the email account for which we want to enable this trick, click on the first option “Account”, click on the option “Advanced” and in the section “Transfer discarded messages” must select the option to “Mailbox Trash”.

Trick number 2 check the links before you open them.

The scams are the order of the day within smartphones, so it is essential to consider certain safety tips even when opening links in incoming mail. Since any introduced into an email link may lead to a malicious page, before clicking on the link it is recommended that you look at to rule out the possibility that it is some kind of hoax. The procedure for checking a link from application “Mail” is as follows:

  • Keep your finger on the link and wait for us to unfold a small menu at the bottom of the screen.
  • Once deployed it on the top of this menu should display a URL address: if the address matches the contents of the email sender and appears to be a reliable web, you can click on the link. If the address contains many letters, numbers, and signs, it is best to discard the possibility of opening the link unless you are sure the e-mail sender is trustworthy.

Trick number 3. “VIP” list.

The “VIP” list will probably be familiar to many users of the IOS operating system but still cannot stop emphasizing its utility in the face of prioritizing certain emails before others. Senders that we add to the VIP list will appear in a separate folder where you can view all emails, regardless of the account you have contacted us. To activate this list should follow these steps:

  • We went into the Mail application.
  • Click on the inbox that has the name “VIP”.
  • Click on the button “Add VIP” and select from our agenda the contact you want to add priority when receiving your emails.

Trick number 4 configure shortcuts to write faster.

What happens when we are forced to write to the email dozens of times throughout the day keywords long and complicated it takes a lot of time when composing yours? A technical name of a product, a specific URL or a phone number are only some of the keywords that we need to include in emails dozens of times within the day. But in the case of the iOS operating system, there is a shortcut option that allows you to write any keyword in a very simple way.

For example, if we want to write the keyword “number of the New York office” us phone number appears in the Madrid office must follow these steps:

We went into the Settings application.

Click on the section “General”.

Click on the section “Keyboard”.

We went down the screen, at the bottom, to visualize a section called “Shortcuts.” Click on the option “Create shortcut…” and, in the case of the previous example, in the box “Phrase” write the phone number of the Madrid office, while in the box for “Shortcut” write the key word that we want to turn that phrase (e.g., phone New York).

Trick number 5: larger font size of emails.

The motives for the iPhone range are not particularly renowned for the size of your screen, so when reading hundreds of emails a day out can end eyestrain due to the effort required to read at certain distances Letter screen. Therefore, it is best to change the size of text on the iPhone less tiring to the eye when reading emails.