Microsoft’s Latest Plea to Win You Back, An Update to Windows 10


A new update to Windows 10 has come but we forgive you if you haven’t heard about it. It turns out, not many people have. The buzz surrounding the update is minimal at best, with not many people talking about the small changes, which include about a dozen bullet points that can fit on a small sheet of paper.

Microsoft Has Signaled Change


In stark contrast to their old ways, Microsoft and the PC industry have largely treated the August 2nd launch of the Windows 10 update as just another Tuesday. The days of spending considerable resources and hundreds of millions of dollars into informing the world about a new version of Windows has come to an end.

What to Make of It


According to Roger Kay, an analyst at Endpoint Technologies Associates, this change in Microsoft is just fine. Many people like Kay agree that Microsoft is better off focusing its efforts on convincing businesses to upgrade than teaching consumers (who don’t know what version of Windows they’re running anyway) about an incremental upgrade.

PC Makers Following Suit

Microsoft is not the only one making changes to its marketing plan. PC makers in the industry are following suit and learning from their past mistakes. It’s no surprise that they are all clawing back respect from Apple’s trendy products and consumers still frustrated by Windows 8. Instead of advertising the new Microsoft update features, PC makers are turning to advertising the overall user experience with their devices, whether that be highlighting how good their computers look or improving features such as battery life and faster start up time.