Apple MacBook 2015 a new standard

There is no limit to innovation or the enthusiasm you feel when you see technology advancing as never have predicted the new MacBook is not a product for everyone from the price through the technologies with which it is equipped, to design impeccable is an ultra-portable ultra-thin piece of design.


The new Apple MacBook is a design object. Already from the opening of the box apple it shines, even if not of its own light – is no longer backlit. Open it is like revealing a chest full of treasures, represented by the gorgeous display, a keyboard completely renovated and speakers that offer clear sound and enveloping, as you would expect on the size.

Apple MacBook 2015 a new standard

Each aesthetic choice is controlled weighted the speaker no longer placed inside the keyboard but at the top the large track pad with Touch Force through the display almost edge-to-edge which is breathtaking once lifted the lid. It is essential compact. Any other handset looks inefficient cumbersome and ugly by comparison. However, no more clean the entire surface and more particularly the display it does not seem to be oleo phobic capturing fingerprints and dust and the effect is not at all pleasant. It is the first laptop from Apple to be all metal available in three colors gray sidereal silver and gold.


Apple a 12 inch with aspect ratio of 16:10, the thinnest ever creates the display with only 0.88mm thick. With a resolution of 2304 × 1440 pixels every corner and every letter are reproduced faithfully and precise just as it is, being a Retina Display. The graphics card integrated in the new MacBook is an Intel HD 5300, which reserves 1,536 MB of RAM. The scheme renders well every window and every web page naturally but you can run into amazing delays in opening the pages however due to the lack of computing power business unit. The display is also a camera Face Time that for some reason is not HD but only records video in 480p, undermining much of the quality of video calls with Skype is that with face time.


The novelty of the MacBook is basically the revolution implemented by Apple and Intel with the Core M “Broadwell” a SoC and in particular a CPU that does not require cooling fans and then allowed engineers of Cupertino to provide a motherboard 66% smaller than the last model of MacBook Air 11-inch. It is hard to think of a computer that does not have a fan and at the same time not get warm in a short time well even the MacBook manages to overcome this problem as it is obvious that it is. During normal writing sessions with Ever note or Word, for example the system is fluid and is not affected to compensate for the low frequency of the operating unit Intel Core M was equipped with an L3 cache of 4 MB, against the 3 MB of MacBook Air, which results in a greater responsiveness to operations of low computational complexity.