Meizu M1 Notes from China

It is high time that skepticism of smartphones from China is set aside in the light of the great leap forward made ​​recently by Chinese manufacturers. Made of with some exceptions dutiful primarily the local market of the Clones appeared on the market high quality products, including this Meizu M1 Notes. Relatively unidentified to most people, at least to the nonprofessional, Meizu is a leading Chinese manufacturers and provides products that have earned the receipt and early sales successes not only in domestic market but also in Europe and USA.

The Meizu M1 Notes is a phablet Android screen of 5.5 inches and support dual-sim. It is not a terminal that raises clamor for the aesthetic solutions is adopted but it detects really well balanced throughout use highlighting very few weaknesses.

Meizu M1 Notes  from China

The tested model comes straight from China because it is not officially available on the Italian market, although it is purchased through certain channels of import. However, it should be noted that for this reason it is not compatible with the European LTE bands. For the rest, however, is fully functional and the version compatible with networks Italian is still coming. Obviously, the tests carried out have done without mobile networks fast, relying only on Wi-Fi.

The Meizu M1 Notes does not look too appealing, but it is not bad. In short, do not go down in history as an example of design, but can be appreciated. The materials plastics used are of good quality and are not perceived particular imperfections in the assembly, which remains free from crunches and sagging, thanks to the anybody construction. The particular shape with rounded edges facilitates the grip in the hand. Perhaps, it may be slightly slippery, but doing a little care during use it is unlikely to fall.