iOS 8 the mobile revolution goes from here

iOS is the operating system used on Apple’s mobile devices, including iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Apple TV. What are the main characteristics of the product which the story and what the possible future developments? In this special all, you need to be acquainted with regarding one of the most ordinary digital environments pocket.

iOS 8 the mobile revolution goes from here

iOS 8 the currently available version of iOS, you put on the path of its predecessor, improving lately characteristics. From seamless integration with its counterpart on laptop and desktop: OS X Yosemite. Mac and portable devices merge into one entity with Continuity and Handoff. These systems not only allow you to mechanically synchronize files between the two platforms, thus ensuring the possibility to start work on iPad and finish it on iMac, but also to make computer and smartphone entity alone.

From iOS 8, ​​in fact, you can receive calls on your Mac, and use your iPhone as a hotspot rapid zero-configuration all simply bringing it close to your laptop or desktop. It does not end here: App Store is further improved by introducing new parental controls iMessage acquires the ability to share groups and audio files and the Notification Center is even more efficient. Meanwhile, consumers can download and install the keyboard of their preference, upload any type of file on the cloud with iCloud Drive, take benefit of the features of the application monitoring and Fitness Health and more.

Apple has introduced a new language swift who seems to be much easier than the task of third-party developers, for fast and intuitive. Meanwhile, the new architecture Metal eliminates bottlenecks between software and graphics processing, making iPhone and iPad tool compatible with the fairly avid gaming-level GPU.