IPhone 7 would integrate one second speaker

A couple of months for the launch of the new version of mobile phone brand apple  there are several leaks with some of the alleged developments that will present the iPhone in July .One that is circulating on the Internet like wildfire in the last hours is claiming that the iPhone 7 will include a second speaker. In addition, if you wonder where it will be installed the second speaker, indeed, at the bottom of the device, right next to the other speaker and microphone and input supply to charge the battery.

IPhone 7 would integrate one second speaker

The big hurt of this new movement of Apple is the audio input maniac 3.5 popularly known as. The standard classic connection and almost any device with headphones disappear according to this leak, the next model of the Company. With these data on the table we have to assume that the US Company will file with the iPhone 7 a firm commitment to wireless technology (wireless) regarding audio connections are concerned. From now on according to the conclusions drawn from some leaked photos of the theoretically be the new iPhone casing both hands free and headphones work wireless. If you invested in a high-end model helmet with cables, forget it to make them compatible.

New camera in sight

Changes were also ahead when taking photos with your smartphone. At first glance, the hole intended for that purpose seems slightly larger. This is in connection with other rumors for weeks prowling the web to ensure that the iPhone 7 will present something like a “pro” version that will include a dual camera. A line of work in which the Californian company has been betting steadily for several models and comes to compete with powerful competitive cameras like the Huawei P9. A product that the Chinese brand is revolutionizing the market.

Another new leaks emanating from this is the Nibble we see in the construction of the camera hole. A theoretical water resistance could be behind this small but substantial change. Despite not being at all clear what iPhone model correspond these supposed pictures to go checking this information, it would confirm that the model of iPhone remain virtually intact. These new features are only would be implemented in the model 7 and 7s. According to the source of this leak, a French website that usually hit with some of their predictions l to production of the iPhone is already underway in China.