Facebook Buys privatecore For Protecting Servers Cyberattacks

Facebook has bought PrivateCore, a startup that specializes encryption to protect servers. Thus, the company will improve the security of its platform against malware, unauthorized physical access, and malicious hardware devices. Financial details of the deal were not disclosed, but we assume that it has not been one of the companies that have cost Zuckerberg.

PrivateCore has a technology called getting vCage protect various platforms from malicious attacks that want to interfere with the security of the same. In addition, it will prevent access to the data of millions of users who already have the social network.

privatecore facebook

Thanks to Facebook, PrivateCore be able to develop their software to improve the security of the network. In addition, the company has confirmed that Marc Zuckerberg plans to incorporate this technology in the future of their own company to enhance your online protection. Furthermore, the startup will be able to optimize your system thanks to the resources they already have Facebook.

“What makes this development so exciting is that Facebook and PrivateCore have the same goal,” said the CEO of the startup, Oded Horovitz, after the acquisition was known. “This social network has done more than any other company in the world and we want to connect our security technology used in servers to help make these connections are made safely,” added the manager.

The Facebook chief security officer, Joe Sullivan, added: “I have seen the number of people who care about the security of data warehousing companies like Facebook. Therefore, we believe that technology and experience PrivateCore help improve and optimize our company’s mission to create a more open and connected world safer.”

PrivateCore was founded in 2012 by several veterans who had worked security at companies such as VMware and Google. So far, the company has been backed by EUR 1.7 million funding from the TEEC Angel Fund and Foundation Capital.

Cybercrime is a present topic these days, while more recently the security hole history, Heartbleed was discovered. This attack buzzed the online world and even if you have not heard much about it, that does not mean that the problem is resolved. A little over a month, more than 300,000 servers were still vulnerable to this gap does. This situation is a cause for concern because it means that smaller sites are not doing anything to put a solution.

For that reason, it is not more than the size of companies Facebook, which store personal data of millions of users, improve their security by acquiring companies like PrivateCore.