WhatsApp for Android Launches Fast Shipping Photos and Videos


The company WhatsApp continues to intrigue your confirmed function calls via the Internet, but by no means neglects the presentation of other features news and useful for its users. Thus, and so far only on the platform Android, has released a brand new update for the fast shipping of photos and videos from a chat. A feature already tested in the beta or test and now reaches all users of this platform to streamline the process of sending these files.

This is an update that brings the version number of WhatsApp for Android to 2.11.301. A version without presenting a list of official changes, other news has spread among different functional and visual aspects of the application that is most widespread messaging worldwide. Among its innovations is the new icon on the taskbar including writing conversations. Thus, along with the microphone push to talk messages, there is now an icon in the form of camera that activates the terminal objective.

WhatsApp for Android

With this feature the user does not have to display the menu Share and select the camera or video, but it appears with a single touch screen. And it is not only that. From here you can take either a photograph as a video. The only difference is that for the static image you just have to make a touch trigger, may establish preferences and pre-flash camera. However, if the user makes a long press, begins recording one video. This recording can be canceled by sliding your finger off the button to avoid sending it directly. This is a view few months ago in the beta function, which is now available to all users of Android. But it is not the only novelty of WhatsApp in this update.

Along with the functional fast shipping of photos and videos, it should be noted a small visual enhancement found in contact information screens. It is those menus where you know both the contact information and see shared files on an individual or group conversation. A space that is now reporting as cards and well spaced with a cut minimalist. A style has also led to other menus of the application as the profile, which now boasts a fast icon in the bottom right corner of the picture to change the image of the user in one touch icon.

In short, an update that is lengthening waiting for voice calls. However, comfort is a whole have this new icon to take pictures instantly, without moving the share menu. One improvement that comes along with some visual changes they know little. And the style of cards already is used by Google for some time, giving the feeling that WhatsApp has been sagging as to the style lines of the moment. In any case, the new version of this application from messaging is now available through Google Play for free.