Apple GT Advanced systems become data center


The ski GT Advanced, the partners of Cupertino went bankrupt last October, will be converted into a huge datacenter green. This is what would have confirmed the Californian Company, referring to the extensive facilities established last year in Mesa, Arizona. Closed the production of sapphire, the apple is thus found to have a large unused space. In addition, with the promise passed to stay as many jobs as possible flanked by now former employees of GT Advanced, here is the new project.

Apple GT Advanced systems

The strategy will be long term since Apple seems to want to invest two billion dollars to reabsorb in 30 years. The arrangement, which until a few months ago was home furnaces and other equipment for the production of sapphire crystal it will become a huge datacenter, perhaps the main property of the company. Not surprisingly, Apple has called a true command center. These are the words of Kristin Hogue, a representative for Cupertino.

We are proud to carry on investing in the United States with a new data center in Arizona, which will serve as the command center for our global network. This multibillion-dollar project is one of the largest investments we have ever made. According to initial rumors leaked, plant reconverted give jobs to 150 full-time workers, while 300 to 500 jobs will be secured during the construction and transformation of the structure. Of course, like all datacenter target bitten apple, this too will be completely green and powered by renewable sources: the entire structure, and part of the adjacent area, will be equipped with solar panels to high conversion.

To Mesa is going to add to the other datacenter branded apple already operating on American soil and abroad, including those in Oregon, North Carolina, Nevada, in Hong Kong and the Netherlands. It is not yet knows, however, when the phase of the work will begin and even when the site will be operational.