BlackBerry says blackphone security is not enough for executives


Do you remember the blackphone? It is the device based on Android with PrivatOS interface that supposedly comes integrated with a series of unprecedented security solutions and allows users to rest assured about the protection of your files. However, BlackBerry has said that this terminal is suitable for protecting the average consumer but computer security is “quite unacceptable” for businessmen and executives.

The company based in Waterloo has said the approach blackphone, with the security system of the company Silent Circle, in terms of protection is mediocre compared to the service that uses BlackBerry. The smartphone maker insists that they need entrepreneurs in the “Post-Snowden era” is its BES10 platform.


At the same time, the U.S. Company said that it is unclear whether the blackphone supports to secure communications between users, which would be unacceptable to regulated organizations such as financial services and related companies as health.

“BlackBerry maintains a similar concern in the users’ privacy through features like BlackBerry Balance and BlackBerry Guard. The first comes installed with all BlackBerry 10 devices and automatically separates your personal and work, giving consumers the best experience BYON (Bring Your Own Device) on the market today,” said the multinational.

The blackphone, meanwhile, has a 4.7-inch IPS display that has a resolution of 1,280 x 720 pixels. The terminal comes with a Tegra quad-core processor 4i two gigahertz, meaning that all of our programs can run smoothly. It is also a team that has 4G, with which we can browse internet at high speed. In terms of internal storage holds 16 gigabytes. Plus, it’s built with eight-megapixel main camera and a five megapixel front, with which we can take great quality pictures.

BlackBerry is still one of the major players in the field of mobile security and has seen other companies you are invading their territory. For example, Samsung, with its security system KNOX, and Google intend to join the service to integrate the Korean protection on all devices that have Android L.

This integration in Android, software for mobile and tablets Google, offer greater security assurances to all those who choose to carry a terminal operating system with green robot in your pocket. With KNOX, these devices will be much more confident and capable of ensuring the privacy of users who have to use your smartphone for work and for personal business. Furthermore, we have recently learned that Android L has a special button that will prevent thieves from phones to reformat your computer and sell it back in the black market.

Of course, a real rival to BlackBerry, trying to survive in a market where Android takes the 59.1% of the pie. Also, Apple with its iOS software has a 23% of users worldwide. In third place of the podium is Windows Phone, the operating system of Microsoft, and finally, in fourth place is BlackBerry with 2.9% of consumers.