Goodreads: A Complete Book Recommended for Mobile


When you do not know what to read what is handiest ask relatives about your likes and friends and the last good title to have at hand. Just “liked” but does not replace a more detailed review or assessment. That is why there are tools like Goodreads. An application capable of collecting reviews from other users to evaluate the potential of a book and always find something to read.

It is something of a social network-recommender for book lovers. A useful application to find and create lists of books to read. All with detailed information to give a good or at least entertaining work. It also functions as a tool for keeping record of all reading that has carried out the user, and can dump their impressions and assessments for the benefit of the rest of the community.


Simply start the application to access the huge database Goodreads. And it has registered 12 million books, can look as title, ISBN or author via the main screen. By performing a simple search you can access the description page of these books where knowing the full title, the cover, the author, the ISBN code and a description. However, the added value of this application is the section of reviews, where each user expresses his point of view and commentary about the book. Furthermore, once the user has added own books and reviews, you may stop by the section recommendations for related books.

To say that Goodreads acts as a true social network is because it has the ability to add other users as friends. This means you can access your profile page and know their readings, assessments and even send direct messages. It is a true utility to discuss and receive feedback or useful information about some work. You just have to click on its image or name to see that person’s profile and can find all the information and contact options here al. However, to use these functions you need to create a user account.

Another interesting point Goodreads is the ability to quickly and easily add all library users to contribute their bit. Simply scan the barcodes of books that you have at home with the option Scan barcodes. So with the camera terminal, you can record what the user has read titles, besides adding their valuation and related commentary. It is a good way to digitize your library to find out what books have passed through its hands.

Apart from this, the application has a price comparison to buy books on the Internet at the best price. In short, a useful tool for book lovers that is not a single tool application read reviews. And it is possible to contact and find books by other users. Plus, it’s really useful to create lists of books they want to read soon. Best of all is that you can download completely free through Google Play and App Store.