Google Analytics, Now the Audience Knows Your Websites from your iPhone


It seems that the company Google wants to win back users from the competition. And is that recently saw the launch of several applications and services for this great company in mobile platforms Apple. This time, after YouTube Creator Studio and play Ingress, it is the turn to a much more useful tool: Google Analytics. Of course, it is useful for those users who want to know the audience and performance data to its publications and web pages on the internet from anywhere and anytime.

This is a service that Google offers managers websites, bloggers, content creators YouTube and other issues that are published online. Thus, Google uses its technology and tools for the Internet traffic, views, views and user behavior on the website, and user content, giving you all this information in an orderly and clear for knowledge. Something that can now also be found easily through the official app Google Analytics recently published.

Google Analytics

Simply download the app and sign in with the account user of Google associated website, blog or applications for which you want to receive data. After this the service from this company is responsible for collecting and display all the information. Something that is done through graphs and data clear and well organized. The good news is that with this application, the user can also filter all this vast information according to several criteria. Just move around the sections and select locations, sources, content, events…

In this way the user can know in time actual anywhere how is working its last published content. If you are getting visitors, how long they spend in such content, where they come from, what time there is more traffic and much more; an entire useful for those who want to know how their readers or users behave and how to improve hearing and operation of your page, blog or content.

This official app for Google Analytics must emphasize the clarity and the look it has. And it is that so much information needs strong but simple visual design. Some of what this application can be assumed, on a white background offering different charts and graphs with colors typical of Google to represent this data. A tool which, of course, is aimed at users with some knowledge of management, but due to its design can be used by anyone who wants to check how transiting their published content on the Internet.

In short, a useful and comprehensive tool that now users of the platform iOS also be used and accessed at any time and place. Always it provides updated information. It is best that Google Analytics is completely free. Now you can download via App Store.