Google buys TLD App


In a not too distant upcoming will be able to surf the websites as “”, “” or “”. The group of Mountain View has indeed completed the purchase of the top-level domain .app with an asset of $ 25 million (25,001,000 to be exact, the most expensive of all time). The transaction was authorized by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), US agency that deals precisely assign Internet domains.

Google buys TLD app

Google asked in 2012 to be able to see the organization attributed the TLD app (top level domain) in question, along with others like .docs, .android, .free, and .fyi .foo still waiting for confirmation. Already belong instead to the search engine domains .dad, .here, .eat and .new. Taking a look at the competition, Amazon got the paternity of .buy for $ 5 million and .spot 2.2 million, while Dot Tech has paid 6.7 million for .tech. Although there is no confirmation yet on what will you do with bigg .app, it is not hard to imagine.

Could make it available to developers for promoting applications developed, providing a showcase Web from which to present products and services for the mobile universe. This entire pace of competition (specifically Apple and Microsoft) and with an advantage in terms of visibility of which would go to benefit the entire ecosystem of Android. Not exclude the possibility that the second-level domains (eg “” or “”) can be sold through the platform Google Domains, currently active only in the United States and in beta.