Google Drive cloud productivity


Once upon a time, the floppy disk then came the era of CDs and DVDs, along with external hard drives more and more capacious. The arrangements for storage of files and documents have clocked almost parallel to the development of technologies related to the field computer. For some years, however, also because of an increasingly widespread diffusion of broadband Internet connections, the gap between the online world offline activities has become increasingly blurred, sometimes imperceptible. Here then explained why a growing number of users and professionals decide to rely on the services cloud storage. Google Drive is one of these platforms.

Google Drive

What is Google Drive?

The scheme Google Drive has been made ​​official by the search engine April 24, 2012, after a long series of rumors and rumors circulating on the Net. For those who are unfamiliar with terms like Web storage and cloud computing can imagine the service as a kind of hard disk managed by big, accessible through an Internet connection, within which to place your files so you can open them later on other computers or mobile devices. Obviously, access is via a Google account from the Web at or through applications available for smartphones and tablets. Saved files can be downloaded at any time or shared with other people through integrated sharing options. There are also tools for editing documents and for real-time collaboration.

How much does that cost?

Initially, the share of free space made ​​available by Google Drive was 5 GB per user. In October 2013, the group of Mountain View has decided to triple it, bringing it up to 15 GB. These are offered to all those members without requiring any cost, and can be exploited unlimited bandwidth for uploading files. The only constraint in terms of size for the weight of each uploaded file, which can not exceed 5 TB, however, a limitation that it can hardly be a problem. For those who use Google Apps in education school or professional work the roof is a 30 GB. If necessary you can resort to buying an additional plan with rates ranging from $ 1.99 per month for 100 GB at $ 9.99 per month for 1 TB, up to $ 299.99 per month for 30 TB.

Sharing and collaboration online

In addition to allowing saving files on the remote server, Google Drive offers users a variety of options for sharing and collaboration. Regarding the sharing, each element can be loaded quickly and fast forwarded to one or more people, generating a link or by sending them an email. The recipient can then instantly see that file, download it, and edit it only with the consent of the owner.

In the latter case can talk about online collaboration of text documents, spreadsheets, or presentations. Google Drive fact offers a suite of editing tools similar to products such as Microsoft Office, Open Office, and Libre Office. Multiple users can connect simultaneously to the same file, changing the contents and displaying real-time assistance from the other, with a lot of chat to coordinate the work of the group. One feature that makes the platform ideally suited to the professional.

One of the strengths of Google Drive is certainly represented by its deep integration with Android and Chrome OS platforms. Being closely connected with your Google Account, the service gives you instant access to files on the remote server, making it especially convenient for example synchronization of backups from smartphones and tablets.

Support is fully guaranteed for the iPhone and iPad devices based on iOS, thanks to applications distributed by big. Still missing however the official compatibility with the Windows Phone operating system of Microsoft. The app developed for touchscreens offer roughly the same functionality of the desktop, although with some limitations of route dictated by the size of the panel and the lack of input plans such as mouse and keyboard.