Google Launcher Now Available for All Android Devices


The Google Now Launcher is now available for all mobile devices that have the Google Android operating system version 4.1 Jelly Bean and later, i.e. including Android KitKat. This tool is very useful since it allows users to set alerts with the upcoming appointments that are scheduled, as well as quickly display information about weather or in a specific city and real-time traffic conditions, as well as time out of any public transport. An application that you can configure to customize it to your own liking and that also allows searches by voice.

From now on, accessing the application from Google, Google Play Store, store you can download Google Now Launcher regardless of our version of the Android operating system which provides our device, either a Smartphone or a tablet.

google now launcher

Google Now Launcher arrived as a standalone application at the beginning of February this year. In its initial version, Google Now Launcher application was available for Nexus devices, as well as the range of devices Google Play Edition. Now is when we will be able to serve us all its benefits in any device that has an Android operating system.

Its operation is simple. From the beginning of our smartphone screen we can, just slide your finger to the right, to access the information that we have configured the application Google Now Launcher. More practical is that your navigation bar has enabled searches by voice. The most practical is that your navigation bar has enabled voice search. So, to activate only have to say “Ok Google” and then express what we see or do. We can tell you since we want to send a text message, to play a song. Google Now Launcher will take you to our device and will show us the application you need to use at all times. On the other hand, also offer us quick access to other Google apps such as Gmail, Google Maps and YouTube, part of information such as weather or the condition of traffic in different cities.

Its design level, Google Now Launcher is an application that is very well suited to the style that we have given our device since its State and navigation bar are completely transparent, revealing the background that we have chosen, even with open applications panel. In addition, also we can customize this “Launcher” to our tastes because you will have the option of adding applications and shortcuts that we use most, as well as set wallpaper from a photo that you have stored on your device.

This is how, after several months, the Mountain View have updated the Launcher Now Google extending its compatibility to more devices with the Android operating system in order to provide more users with their advantages.