Google’s Next Self Driving Car

In conclusion, of the keynote that opened the Google the group of Mountain View spoke to two of its most ambitious projects ever fielded. Two technologies that have almost nothing to do with the search, still the core business of the entire company but that project big towards a future increasingly smart, connected and where you will be able to rely on the bulk advanced solutions hi- tech.

self driving car

The first reference is to the self-driving car on which Google has been working for years, perfecting a system to replace a driver in the flesh, ensuring a level of safety impeccable. The other is Loon cut pioneering plan that aims to combat the scourge of the digital divide with balloons, which once sent, into orbit on the earth can bounce the signal needed to connect to the Internet. On this occasion, they were not announced new but big have long established it is meaning to continue focusing strongly on the two projects.

Google and autonomous driving

Now ready to make his debut in city traffic, the car of Google self driving car has come so far over a million miles during the test. The prototype seen in action is equipped with a complex system of sensors and cameras that check the road near the vehicle, with the data collected are then processed in real time by a software error proof. Now it is unclear whether the company intends to funding the licensed technology to automaker once it is ready for the market.