Google Wants to Turn the Walls Into Screens


The USPTO United States Patent and Trademark Office has awarded Google the authorship of a new patent called “Method and apparatus for themes using photo-active surface paint which translated it could be interpeted as methods and equipment for using themes photoactive paint to surfaces.  The scheme also consists of a projector in some cases laser, which shall deliver a light beam when essential.

make google my home screen

The part really revolutionary however, is represented by the aforesaid  paint this makes the walls of all like giant  e-ink display capable of showing any image that will not change until a new one will be projected. An approach of this kind does not therefore require the continuous emission of light, but only when you need to change what is displayed on the wall. Now we do not know what the reason of the project, if the advertising, the use in advertising.

In the documentation of the patent refers to ability project images on the walls according to specific weather circumstances of the external surroundings. The refresh rate should also be sufficient for watching videos and movies turning a wall in a large television. When the California-based company asked by the editors of the site Quartz for clarification on the issue has responded as follows.