H+Technology: Holus Holographic Experience


H + Technology designed the first holographic interactive display table. Holus , this is his name, could represent a revolution in the field of augmented reality as it can be converted into 3D holograms any digital happy viewed on computers, tablets and smartphones. Currently it is only a idea, but will soon become a real manufactured goods by collecting funds launched on Kickstarter.

holographic interactive display

Holus has the form of a big parallelepiped with open sides through which you can see the 3D holograms from each angle. Inside there is a pyramid structure in which are projected digital content. The Canadian company plans to launch two versions Home Edition and Pro Edition. The first integrates the holographic projector three USB ports two can be used for charging mobile devices and a dock for tablets. The display resolution is 1600 × 1600 pixels divided into four sides. The second one includes five USB ports an HDMI port an ambient light sensor and speakers. The resolution increases up to 1920 × 1920 pixels.

To enable the right display of holograms from every angle, Holus makes the tracking of the position of the user. You can also connect outside sensors like Leap Motion and Kinect to interact through gesture. H + Technology will distribute the developers SDK compatible with Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, and the game engine Unity and Unreal. The connection between Holus and mobile devices is via WiFi and Bluetooth.