Instagram Begins to Show Photos in Order of Relevance


Many users feared and unfortunately for many, have become reality. Instagram announced in March that would change the way in showing photographs and videos of the accounts, focusing on the relevance of content and not at the time when it was published. Well, that time has come and is already affecting everyone.

The chronological order was a sign of identity for Instagram. Admitted use experience and now all changed quite radically, which is expected to also vary the way in which this application is used photos and videos. And it is now more likely that the content best known are made even more famous and valued, being at the top of the wall or feed, while those photographs and videos that go unnoticed even be seen by the usual followers.

Instagram and Games the photos and videos by relevance

The blame for this change has an algorithm a mathematical equation created to know what the most relevant content for each user is. In addition, as said in March the CEO of Instagram, Kevin Systrom it consumes only 30 percent of the content that actually follows. All this must scrutinize other publications that do not attract the user. That is why, following the steps of the social network Facebook have decided to implement this new algorithm. With him, more importance is given to I like the comments and relationships between users leaving aside the temporal aspect.

The explanation Instagram gives on its official blog is that due to the growth of this social network it is particularly difficult to find the content they really want. In addition, they ensure that the evidence of this algorithm with a small number of users have given good results. Thus, we have increased the number of I like, comments and relationships between these experimental users. Reason I have decided to export it to the rest of the world despite the criticism.

instagram algorithm

And this algorithm seems a good idea to allow the user to find more relevant content without wasting time looking for it on the wall or feed. However, many critics have warned of the potential danger for the less showy and flashy accounts. So, if you consider the popularity and the number of I like you, you probably the most famous profiles soon increase their success and improve their results, but leaving the rest in the shade, without visibility.

We must not lose sight of the aspect commercial of this movement. With him, Instagram can enhance the promoted content and improve advertising service for advertisers and accounts. In addition, for several weeks and it allows some accounts query data about traffic visits and provides a button link to the respective businesses. With this, Instagram changes its way of functioning although it will be time and user’s q ho decide whether this measure is a success or a failure.