Instagram Update is Fixing its Security Problems


Just a couple of days the news was known about vulnerability in Instagram applications. One problem put in check the accounts of users of this social network of photography to not protect data sent between applications for smartphones and application servers. Something from Instagram has endeavored to resolve paths through updates to both the platform Android to iOS. Updates now available and are recommended to install soon.

Thus, Instagram has released first update for iPhone and iPad that raises the version number of 6.0.5. An update will present only the solution of bugs or malfunctions, and the general improvement of the application. Something that avoids directly naming problems and violations discovered recently. Exactly the same is the case with version 6.3.1 on the platform Android, without providing new functions, new filters and visual improvements. Indicate that this latest update has focused mainly on the issue of solving security problems, even though Instagram has not officially confirmed.


And the July 26 security expert Mazin Ahmed posted on his blog a surprising vulnerability that directly affect user applications Instagram. In his research he discovered that there was a transmission of user data between applications and servers in this network without being encrypted or protected by a code. Given this issue, could experiment with these data, removing them and making hijack a user account to use in your favor, holding impersonation that can occur with the knowledge and tools needed.

After taking part in Facebook, responsible for company Instagram, had told him that this time working on the problem and have a solution soon, besides recommending not using mobile applications and the public WiFi connections to prevent data theft. However, as Ahmed displayed on his blog, no confirmed date for this moderately serious security problem solution, only that it was a process that had to be done. Something finally carried out with individual applications for updates Android and iOS, as expected.

Thus users of Instagram should lose care when publishing content and use the application at any time and place. And it seems that the order information is encrypted and transmitted data. Either that is suspected after this update. At the moment there has been no official statement from Instagram or Facebook about this issue that supposedly is solved. Let’s wait to see if the researchers and security experts do not give to another problem that put at risk the security or privacy of the users of this social network photography. Nothing can breathe easy again and stop using the web version as the only way to safely enjoy this content.