iPhone Will Tell You Where You Parked


Who has not happened after an afternoon of shopping, cannot remember where you put the car? For those clueless people whose orientation is not entirely correct, Apple has devised a feature on your phone including iPhone. It is called Parked Park and we have known that work in sync with iOS in October , the new operating system that has seen the light at the WWDC that was held this week. According to information from specialized media the phone will detect when the vehicle moves away and automatically locate the parking place for later mark it on the map. When you have done the task, a notification will report the details of the location will be sent.


The user can access at any time through the application Maps and check the direction of the parking lot, and even can edit write text and to place a photo. With this new feature, user’s iPhone will never have to make use of the marker manually, but it is the phone itself, which is responsible for doing the work. With this feature, Apple intends to boost its Maps app as many of its users so far have used the application rival Google Maps.

Parked Car

According to 9to5Mac the application, which will be available soon for all models of iPhone would look like. Currently several applications store parking location and help the reunion with his clueless owner, but not about native functions, as in the case of the new Parked Park.

iParking: This is an iPhone application that, in addition to remember the location of the car, calculates the route and the time it takes to find it. Previously yes, you have to open the app just when parked and place a pin on the map. It also has an alert that warns when the time has just paid parking. Find my car: This tool works on both iOS and Android. In addition, Find my Car saved locations and allows shares them with your contacts.

Be Park: more complex than the above, in addition to remember where we parked and offer the shortest route to the vehicle, this application locates places available in private car parks of major cities and even allows you to reserve seats and make payment. Where is my car? This is the only tool that positions the vehicle automatically, like Parked Park, but with nuances. To do this you use the Bluetooth connection and when it detects that, the phone is unlinked mark the location on the map but also allows them manually.

Park Me Right: only available for Android. It gives the possibility to find the car with augmented reality. Also it records information such as parking floor where it has been parked or number and letter of the square. In addition, it includes the ability to locate places of public parking, parking meters and even gas stations.