Making Movies with Photos and Videos on Your Nokia Lumia


No time for photography and digital video. A genre that smartphones are universalizing and boosting with powerful photographic, besides the large number of targets applications and editing tools for manipulating snapshots at will. Something that Nokia knows. Maybe because it’s one of the manufacturers that has put more pampering when creating terminals with large cameras or because also interested in giving the user a lot of possibilities to create applications such as Nokia Storyteller. A tool that prevents photos and videos of the user remain in memory as a mere testimonial terminal object.

Thus, this tool is known to sort the gallery terminal according to different criteria. In this way, the user can consult it to relive past moments captured in photos, videos or even parts of the Cinemagraph application according to the place where they were taken, to show only those relating to a trip, for example. But it is also possible to rearrange them as an event or on a chronological. Although there are other more attractive options as create small movies with all this content.

nokia video storyteller

Simply open the application and move around the collection of photos and videos you want, either according to the place or the time in which they were taken and recorded. By selecting several of these elements the application Nokia Storyteller is responsible to do all the dirty work. And it is almost automatic to create movies showy, with background music and a dynamic, engaging style. By selecting the items you want to include the ability to play the video to see a preview of the final result appears.

Just push the play button starts shows the composition that has decided to create this tool. The good news is that, at the end of view, the user is able to click on the option Edit to modify small aspects or even redo from scratch to your liking. So, it is possible to choose again more or less photos, videos or animations and GIFs created with Cinemagraph to give more depth to the video. You can also sort these contents to be displayed logically or just temporary pleasure of the user.

In addition, the user can choose another melodies and songs that Nokia Storyteller can put background for the video. And there are different genres and styles to match as much as possible with the story or tone of the pictures and videos. Once finished this step is only to review the edits and finally share the final result. A video that can be posted directly on the social networks like Facebook, save it to the cloud OneDrive to send a link from there to any contact, or if you prefer, save it to the terminal.

In short, a more dynamic and colorful way to enjoy photos and videos of summer, a trip or one particular place the user wants. Application Nokia Storyteller can download totally free through Windows Phone Store for Nokia Lumia 630, 930, 1020 and 1520.