Moonspike: Go to the Moon in Crowdfunding


Today we will tell you about the news of technology. On the pages of Kickstarter has made ​​its debut a new campaign, for the financing of a scheme called Moonspike. As you can deduction from the name this initiative aims to Luna. More precisely, the construction of a real rocket to be sent to the satellite of our planet. An idea put forth by an self-governing team of engineers whose goal is to collect 600,000 pounds in a month.


The figure will not be sufficient for the real construction of the rocket but is the primary step of a program from the wider scope, which will leverage in the future also on private donations. What makes it different from other similar projects is the purpose: it will not be done any scientific experiment. Those responsible for Moonspike say they intend “simply” build the rocket and take it to the moon, nothing more. Supporters that will shed at least 19 pounds will still be granted a digital space (1MB up) to hold some personal data, so you can be in first stars of the journey at least virtually.

You can still contribute even just 3 pounds and your name will be placed in a file that is included on board. The idea might seem an end in itself, but it really brings out the true nature of crowd funding: the group to work on Moonspike does not sell a product or a service but it exposes as openly as possible to their own idea and asking for help the online community to achieve at least in its initial step.

Those who choose to join the campaign does therefore with a view that goes beyond that of self-interest and decided to invest their money as much or as little of ambition in a concept of others, getting in some way become part of an active team. For all the technical details please consult the complete documentation on the official site.