NAO Artificial Intelligence and Self Awareness


According to Elon Musk not just the newest hi-tech in view the artificial intelligence will come to constitute a real danger for the human race within a few years. If it is excessive alarmism or not now it is a highly debated topic. The fact is that you need to create a distinction between what is meant by the term IA and self-consciousness or self-consciousness in the words of English before you can approach the subject with knowledge of the facts.

The robots that are sometimes depicted by the narrative fiction or sci-fi films from sentient beings as dangerous to humans are in fact not only have their own intelligence but also of self-awareness. That is why sometimes in the stories act in response by attacking the people in order to defend themselves as if moved by a usual self-defense mechanism. In other words the mechanical unit I become self-conscious and make any gesture in order to “survive”. An early form of this type of reaction is to be seen in the video stream below written by Professor Selmer Bringsjord of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

artificial intelligence

The protagonist is NAO an automaton which has been discussed in recent years on these pages, designed by the team Aldebaran Robotics. The video is the result of an experiment to test inspired The King’s Wise Men the three robots is virtually given a pill called “dumbing pill” which in practical terms is the press of a button located above the head. Two of these mute their units while the other is able to talk and interact via voice commands.

Obviously, none of the units used has been specially programmed for this purpose. So this is a primitive form of self-consciousness: the robot takes place in completely independently of their ability to speak and also independently decide to show it nothing to do with machines that could one day take over the human race, but an significant first step towards the creation of a ‘ sentient robotic unit.