Samsung GALAXY Apps, the new Samsung App Store


The South Korean firm Samsung has unveiled its new Samsung GALAXY Apps Store will offer, from now on, all apps designed especially for those who have a smart phone Samsung Galaxy. The new Samsung GALAXY Apps’s main added value compared to its predecessor Samsung Apps, the supply of hundreds of applications that can be purchased so both free and paid and which will allow for greater customization of devices Samsung Galaxy.

All applications featuring the new Samsung GALAXY Apps are designed not only to improve the performance of our Samsung Galaxy, but also to extract the most out. And, thanks to this new store Samsung, can access completely unique applications and also can be customized to your liking. To improve the search, the new Samsung GALAXY Apps has a user-friendly interface and very intuitive and categories to facilitate the search for applications to split them into three sections. The first is “recommended” and is where we find the most useful applications when it comes to improving the performance of our mobile phone and all that best suit our device Samsung Galaxy.

Samsung GALAXY Apps

The second category is called “Top” and here we can find the best apps rated by the users. Also have the option to sort by different criteria such as popularity, release date and price, starting with free. In addition, we may also access the opinions of those who have already tested to be sure that we are convinced before installing them on your device.

Finally the Samsung GALAXY Apps also has a third category called “Galaxy”. Within it we can find other four sections. The first is “Galaxy Gifts” and here are associated promotions Premium applications installed on your device Samsung Galaxy. The second is “Galaxy Essentials” and find applications that can not miss in our device and, therefore, the most practical.

The third category through which we can search applications called “Apps for Professionals” and is especially designed for those who use the phone as a tool. The latter offers the best applications designed to make it easy and efficient management of our business from the mobile phone. Finally, the fourth category of search is called “Galaxy Specials” and will be here where we can find applications for other devices to use or own functions to mobile Samsung Galaxy as is the S Pen or MultiWindow function.

Its intuitive interface and the division of their applications in specific categories make the new Samsung GALAXY Apps a complete store where you can find useful applications especially for our Samsung Galaxy. It also has the added value that we can customize and access exclusive clients product promotions firm Samsung, thanks to their section “Samsung”, which greatly facilitate the user experience.