Samsung Develops Smartphones with Holograms


Like other multinationals also Samsung has an R & D particularly active in the area of the display. In addition to devices with folding panels, the Korean producer seems determined to make smartphone holographic. A patent filed in the US in late 2014 illustrates the process of the technology. However, there is no certainty that an alike product arrives on the market.

smartphone holographic

Samsung was the first company to use a Super AMO LED display and the first producer to use a dual screen edge. By 2016 is expected to announce a device with foldable display (Valley Project). However, another pioneering technology could come to market in the coming years. The patent filed with the USPTO describes a smartphone capable of displaying holograms and holographic icons. The holographic image is generated from optical components and light guides built into the AMOLED panel.

In practice, the device can project holographic content outside of the screen, offering the user a 3D experience “near-real”. During the preview of the film avengers age of Ultron in Seoul a senior Samsung had asked the journalists there did, you sees the device with the display clear? But had not complete if in the future the device would become a product real. The patent on the smartphone holographic might point to that that day is earlier than expected.

Getting back with your feet on the ground, begin to circulate the first rumors on the Galaxy S7. The new model, which should be announced at the Mobile World Congress 2016. One could incorporate Snapdragon 820, a SoC with four core Kyro, GPU Adreno 530 and modem LTE Cat. 10 realized with Fin FET manufacturing process to 14 nanometers.