Sky Online TV Box


A device small, light, to be connected to any TV with an HDMI to stream on-demand content. Online Sky TV Box is the product launched in Italy at a price of 49.99 euro (10 euro in the month no less Test for those who already have an account Sky Online with the goal of bringing in the living room access to movies, episodes of TV series and programs offered by the platform.

From the technical point of view, it is essentially. On the box and on the remote control has been imprinted with the Sky but a tab on both devices makes it clear his nature. As for connections, there is video output HDMI Ethernet port for connecting to the Internet, the module WiFi to transfer data wirelessly to attack power a slot USB which can be connected pendrive or hard drive and a slot for cards microSD to be used however only for the installation of the app. The dimensions are very compact (90x90x27 mm) and weighing just over 140 grams.

Sky Onlin

The remote control

The remote control of the Sky Online Tv Box communicates with the device via infrared and Bluetooth as it does for other boxes currently on the market. This means that in order to issue a command is inevitably necessary to point it in the right direction. It soon becomes a habit still a mode that makes it less smart product compared to what you would expect from a device of the latest generation. The outlay extremely low however justifies what might otherwise be called a failure.

The button layout is classic for this device category, with a directional pad, a button to confirm your choices and others devoted to the reproduction of the contents and the menu navigation applications. Unfortunately lacks the useful ones to volume, for which you must use the controls on the TV.


Start is not shown the interface of Sky Online, but what can be defined as the menu of a smart TV. To access the streaming platform is therefore necessary to launch the app, pre-installed along with the other services. Once you loaded the process is not exactly straightforward requiring about 30 seconds you can start to travel around the catalog of items made ​​available constantly updated with the new arrivals in terms of films and episodes of the TV series broadcast or already complete. Upon presentation, sky has promised the release of new applications for the future, to make the box more and more versatile and functional.

The contents

The content made ​​available for streaming are the real power of the offer what differentiates Sky Online TV Box from competitors. On the quality of the catalog there is little to say the film and the series are those, which all talk Game of Thrones 1992 Grey’s Anatomy and the walking dead, just to name a few but you cannot say the same for the display format. Although the box is able to handle video output to 1080p resolution all content is originally downloaded to 576p or standard definition DVDs. It is then carried up scaling, but the original signal has a lower definition and one cannot speak of a HD in effect.

For this reason, the proper functioning of the stream require a connection with minimum bandwidth of 2.5 Mbps. In the test, having a 10 Mbps ADSL, have never experienced problems with slowdowns or waiting for buffering longer than a few seconds buffer. For those looking at all costs the clarity of Full HD more than lawful when the market is becoming the 4K as a new standard the advice is therefore to turn to some alternative. All others may instead consider buying the box.


As mentioned, the real benefit of the manufactured goods is represented by content. Once you open the request of Sky Online, we are faced with a menu from which to choose what to see. Everything is divided into five main categories. The variety is not lacking and you can always find something for everybody both children to adults.