Logitech Harmony Ultimate Now Compatible With Smart Home Nest

Two significant realities operating in the field of smart home today announced a new partnership this is Logitech and Nest, the latter acquired last year by Google with an operation that has witnessed the interest of the group of Mountain View next two of anything related to the addition of technology in the home. In particular, the line of universal remotes Logitech Harmony is well matched with your device Protect Nest.

home logitech harmony

For those who were not recognizable with, it is a manufactured goods dedicated to security in the home which detects the presence of smoke and carbon monoxide, alerting the user not only with a sound signal but also with customized alerts. From today, anyone in control of a Harmony remote can benefit from the support to technology, which in the case of danger immediately stops the playback of multimedia happy music, movies etc. Turning off the console, TV or stereo systems and allowing you to focus on crisis attention immediately to avoid possible complications. Protect Nest is not yet available for sale in Italy but considering his recent arrival in France  the launch should be just around the corner.

Exactly one year ago Nest has recalled 440,000 units of its device, due to a malfunction then resolved by the release of a software update. The problem involved the possible inadvertent deactivation of the alarm signal by means of a gesture, which would rest the persons present in the house potentially at risk in the event of a dangerous situation, since it does not warn by Protect. With regard to the smart thermostat, in its place, at the end of last year was announced integration with virtual assistant Google Now that will allow you to adjust the temperature setting by a simple voice command, in perfect style “smart home”.