SmartHub: Intelligence for Homes

The use of smart gadgets in homes develops exponentially year after year and may soon be necessary to have a unique product that acts as a hub to centralize the management of these devices. Smart Hub responds to this need and it is a total intelligent hub for Smart Home that is designed exclusively to meet the technology needs of modern homes. You could try it.

Smart Hub intelligent hub for the home


SmartHub plugs in a straight line into an electrical outlet and offers different types of operation, including those of a common internet router. SmartHub have connectivity wireless but can also be connected to the devices using a standard Ethernet cable. This particular intelligent hub for the home also has a modem for accessing the Internet, the protocol support Bluetooth, and even has a battery to operate in case of blackouts. Also, support the flash memory to use SmartHub as a kind of media center.

This device is very good. Thanks to the open source operating system Cortex dedicated to the management of devices IoT  SmartHub can manage sensors, locks, lights, alarms and more, even remotely through a dedicated application. With the ability to handle virtually any device that can be interfaced through the supports wired or wireless hub, SmartHub can quietly become the necessary accessory for every Smart Home. The creators of SmartHub opened a campaign to secure funding to produce and market this ground-breaking intelligent hub for the home. If the campaign is successful, SmartHub will go on sale from 2016.