Surface Pro 4: 14-inch display and Windows 10


Microsoft would have initiated the growth of the Surface Pro 4 , successor to the hybrid device, considered the best tablet on the market by the jury of the Global Mobile Awards 2015 . According to recent rumors, the Redmond company is expected to present a second version with larger screen size. The operating scheme will obviously Windows 10.

Surface Pro 4

The Surface Pro 4 should not have a very dissimilar design from the Surface Pro 3 . Microsoft had nevertheless decided to combine a model of 14-inch to 12-inch version. The screen resolution should be identical (2160 × 1440 pixels), but the larger size would transform the tablet into a real notebook.

The hardware would be updated with the integration of the new Intel Core architecture-based M Broadwell to 14 nanometers. The use of CPU more efficient from the point of view of energy will have benefits on consumption and design.

The Surface Pro 4 may have a greater autonomy and a thinner frame, as Microsoft would have the possibility to eliminate the fan on the processor . As for the other stipulation, will provide configurations with 8 and 16 GB of RAM, SSD and 1TB. This is obviously speculation, so not confirmed by the Redmond. The only certainties are the presence of the stylus and Windows 10 .