Tapet: Create Custom Wallpapers for your Android


Find the ideal image for wallpaper of smartphone or tablet is not always easy. You need to look, and in many cases, have been cut and the fund to fit in with the specifications and panel dimensions of each device. Something that many emerging applications to find images or even create funds; but none of them is as Tapet a curious tool for creating unique backgrounds based screen color and geometric shapes.

It is an amazing tool to the rest of its genre for its operation. It is the most customizable in the proper sense of the word, as there is little opportunity to set the funds according to user preferences. However, offers some amazing features like automatically change the background without expenditure data from the Internet or to bulk terminal resource consumption.


Just install it and open it to run into the one screen. Therein Tapet already shows a composition as wallpaper. The curious thing about this tool is that it uses preconceived images, but fails their mathematical algorithms to create them new instantly. Something that gives each user unique wallpaper adapted to the size and quality of your terminal panel. However, you are missing the opportunity to have more power on the colors and shapes that are used for the production of content.

Thus, the user can just slide your finger up, down, left or right. Each movement causes a new image with new colors is generated and displayed. All of them are different from the previous one both in the combination of tones and forms, which do follow a pattern of diamonds or more or less recurrent grids. Also, if you prefer, you can perform a double tap on the screen to view a presentation of the different designs until you find the image you want as background for your terminal.

Once found just press the button on the bottom, which causes the application to close and apply the chosen image as background. However, there are other very interesting additional features. One is to click on the clock icon to set a timer you change the background automatically every few minutes, if desired. There is a convenient way to not worry about chang