WhatsApp test a new feature to archive conversations


Although WhatsApp confirmed to be active in the function calls for messaging application, gradually they discover new features that might be falling into this tool. And the application is to be used and extended over comes great responsibility for messages not lose its crown. That’s why it continues to experiment with new and useful features for its users. The last to appear is the ability to archive conversations or chats.

The discovery comes from the recent update that WhatsApp has released version on the beta of its applications for the platform Android. A version that can be freely accessed through its website, but functions as an experiment or field tests to probe what later will reach the entire user community, or not. It this new feature appears seeking user comfort lose sight of the power those conversations that interests not always have on hand, but you do not want to completely do without it.


And it continues to archive conversations formula known users Gmail email and many other similar services. So, to archive an email, or in this case an entire conversation, you lose sight of that content disappears from the inbox or the Chats screen. However all messages sent and received by that person or group of users, in case of a group conversation, to be present elsewhere in the application. Thus, the screen can be rearranged chat only conversations that really matter, that are current and want to keep it always available for quick access.

At the moment this is a test function, which is why it is still incomplete. Thus, the user is able to perform a long press on any of the conversations screen Chats and select the option to archive. Thus, the conversation disappears from this screen. The problem is that still there is a new menu to view all the archived conversations, so this function is considered for the time as little more than an experiment.

It is a feature that could have a great utility for users of WhatsApp. And it is especially convenient to avoid having a screen full of chat conversations in which while not participating. So instead of leaving them neglected indefinitely and occupying this space at the bottom of the screen, can be listed in a separate section. However WhatsApp does not yet seem to have solved the equation entirely in version beta or test, so that will have to wait for all the details of this functionality.

The new version of WhatsApp is available for download through the website. However, it is a version of tests, so that the responsibility falls on each user installation. By the time the function archive conversation seems incomplete but functional. We will have to wait for an updated version of Google Play or App Store and see if they finally decide to include this feature.