Wishbone: Thermometer in Your Smartphone


Measure body temperature to children can be a real company. Convince them to stay still for several minutes with the thermometer under the arm are not easy, especially when they are sick. Fortunately, the technology runs to help the parents, with solution such as the one proposed today on the stage Kick starter from startups Chinese Joy wing Tech. Wishbone, the name of the device proposed in crowd funding.

Wishbone thermometer

Smaller of the traditional digital thermometers, connects to the audio jack of the smartphone and is able to detect the temperature in only two seconds. Just launch the appropriate application, available for Android and iOS, then brings the device to the baby’s face, keeping it at a distance of between 3 and 5 cm, as visible in the opening. Instantaneously appear on the phone display the temperature detected, with a maximum error of 0.2 ° C. The particular shape Y is designed to keep the compact dimensions, integrating one side the sensor for the measurement and the other batteries (replaceable) necessary for the proper functioning.

The campaign financing, launched with the first goal of raising at least $ 20,000, has already exceeded 145,000. Wishbone is on sale during the pre-order price of $ 33 (about € 29), with the possibility to choose between different colors available. Shipments of units purchased will start in April. The design resembles that fielded months ago Thermometer, a smart tattoo can detect the temperature of the smaller simply placing it on the skin. That devices for diagnostics and disease control are becoming increasingly hi-tech has also demonstrated Peek Retina, a portable kit to connect to the smartphone for eye exams.