With Multisensor Ave Home is Even More Smart


Ave has succeeded in developing a new solution able to solve various problems related to the own room to make it even more smart. It is great innovation of technology. In fact, thanks to the new Multi-sensor interface can now capture and manage in order from any device with an analog output. With this new solution, Ave is a product that allow you to create multiple applications of home automation. The operation of this new product is very intuitive.


Using the touchscreen you can supervise the unit displaying a graphical user interface through the state of the analog inputs or decide to modify the value of the thresholds that parameterize the autonomous process of the interface. This will make it possible to read and manage the different types of probes and sensors. With the interface Multisensor Ave, open the door to many opportunities of use in the field of home automation. For example, you can connect an anemometer for wind strength so monitored by withdrawing mechanically motorized blinds when the wind force exceeds the set threshold.

It can avoid excessive radiation inside areas by controlling the amount of solar energy and light. Using the suitable solar radiation sensor or via a lux meter the border Multisensor can in fact monitor the amount of energy or sunlight, so as to activate the blackout blinds. The proposed new Ave can also be used to manage the photovoltaic devices.

By means of a suitable sensor which supervises the amount of energy, produced the interface Multisensor is able to enable any electrical loads when the production is appropriate to best exploit the energy produced. Again through the appropriate humidity sensor can be monitored instead the proportion of water there in the air in order to enable and disable dehumidification systems or simply block any radiant cooling.