How to Save YouTube Music to Your Device with the Movavi Screen Capture Studio


YouTube is easily one of the most popular website on the internet. Millions of people are sharing different types of videos each day. For some reasons sometimes you will need to convert your YouTube downloaded video to MP3. There are hundreds of YouTube software with varying features depending on your preferences. The Movavi Screen Capture Studio has a powerful capability of converting videos you capture from YouTube to MP3. The software has a built in player which will allow you to preview the video just after you download and after the conversion is complete. Besides, it is ideal for all the video formats. It can also convert the videos and make them convertible for devices such as iPhone, iPhone, Blackberry, Sony PSP, Creative Zen and Microsoft among others. With the software you can rip the DVDs as well. Unlike other software which will keep you waiting for so long the Movavi Screen Capture Studio have a smooth conversion process.

savemusic1The Compatible Video Formats

Some of the video formats that can be converted to MP3 are DV AVI, AVI, MP4, MPEG, WMV, QT, DVD, MOD, FLV, MKV, VRO, MTS, SVCD, 3GP and M2T. The options you have for the output files from YouTube to MP3 are FLAC, WMA, OGG, WAV and Monkey’s Audio. Basically the converter is capable of converting any video type to any form of audio file that you want. It is a perfect feature considering many devices which have varied compatibilities.

How to Convert

The Movavi Video Converter works in a unique way compared to other converters. Ensure that your system audio in the middle of the screen has a green mark. Click on it to ready it for the ripping. Go to YouTube site and find your video then adjust the frame on your screen to the appropriate size. To rip the videos from YouTube to MP3 click the REC button and your video will start ripping. You can either pause or resume the recording by pressing the F9 button. Once you are done capturing you can press F10 to stop. The file will go to the folder you chose on your device.


The recent changes in the Movavi YouTube to MP3 converter are as follows:

  • Better speeds.
  • Automatic conversion of the YouTube files
  • More output and input formats
  • Upbeats in the interface.
  • DVD conversion.
  • Video and MP3 uploads to Facebook to YouTube
  • Conversion test drive

The Best Features

First is that anyone can use the Movavi Video Converter. Even a newbie can simply choose the target device and make the conversion based on the ideal output format the she or he wants. Conversion features mainly have tweak settings. It comes with built in features which make you enhance the clarity of the sound even after you have converted the video. You can set the audio parameter through the advanced settings. This way the quality of your output is always guaranteed to be better all the time you make a YouTube to MP3 conversion. Besides, you can trim the video enough to allow for conversion of just the part that you really want.