How to activate WhatsApp

The wait is over the functionality Call of WhatsApp is now available, but its start at the time is not automatic. To make free phone calls to contacts with whom it is customary to exchange chat messages serves a mandatory invite. To be more precise it is essential to receive a call from those who already have the service.

One introduced these days is yet another evolutionary step of WhatsApp, which by easy application for instant messaging has become thanks to acquisition by Facebook in the last period a platform for communication to 360 degrees for example with the launch of web interface that allows you to browse the conversations from the comfort of your desktop browser. This time it is the phone calls it should be noted are currently available only on smartphones Android. Those in possession of a device iOS or Windows Phone then for now remain empty-handed.

How to activate WhatsApp

WhatsApp Calls: how to activate

Activate Call WhatsApp is something relatively simple: just get a phone call from those who already have access to the service. It is therefore necessary to find a friend willing to spend a few seconds to make the call, thus perpetrating a viral buzz on the involvement and direct contact. Alternatively, you can rely on the many initiatives of sharing contacts that already are being born on the Net, but paying particular attention, because you have to provide your phone number. Be wary however, the inevitable “chain letters” that push to join a site or service in swap for an invitation, with the risk of becoming an easy target for spam or malware.

Upon receiving of the first phone call, the main screen of the app will show the new Calls tab, as shown in the attached screenshot on top of. There, you can see the history of those made ​​and received, in a manner similar to what happens with the Android dialer. To transfer a call, simply press the button-shaped handset flanked by the “+” button (top right) and select the desired person.

The receipt of the invitation is not, however, sufficient to access the new feature. As leaked, in fact, WhatsApp enables the function of a maximum number of users and, until this quantity is not expanded the new invitees cannot see enabled. If the call of a friend is a fundamental condition, in short, is not sufficient: WhatsApp is to establish how they can use the Call and to open the doors of the function to those who at this time are asking for and getting the invitation.

Calls on WhatsApp: starting with Android

At this stage the call can be activated and used (in Italy) only by users employing WhatsApp for Android. Receive the call is the enabler that can unlock the function, allowing cascaded to invite others via a call further. To test it must be equipped with a software version equal to 2.11.561 or higher. Now we do not know when the feature is activated for user’s iOS and Windows Phone.