The Future of Electric Vehicles


Three years ago, Nissan was the primary creator to announce they would some driver of vehicles ready for the adoption of the consumer for the year 2020. As consumers and even some industry experts pointed out that, it was an aggressive timeline not seemed an indefinable goal. Sub of individual opinions and expert in this statement has done a great service to vehicles without a driver of industry to make public this emerging technology.

Awareness is one of the most central elements in the manufacture of these consumers forward driving will not rely on what they have no knowledge with even if the technology has been validated. At the end of August, the largest professional organization of engineers World organized a round table at the University of Southern California to discuss the status and the future growth of the autonomous vehicle.

driverless vehicles

A new vision of seeing the world

A sector that continues to grow and play a major role in the growth of autonomous vehicle is a vehicle to another (V2V) and (V2I) vehicle-to-infrastructure communications. It is moving at the pace of the industry you will begin to see V2V / V2I become integrated and tested in environments controlled within the after that three to five years, but the technology will need a constant evaluation before being available to consumers. Although driverless cars will be on the market in 2020 they will not be able to use V2V or V2I until a few years later.

V2V and V2I communications will have huge reimbursement that go far beyond the vehicle. Such practices of communication allow much safer to journey allowing the vehicle to be in constant message with others as well as its surroundings, which will considerably reduce accidents and deaths. Last may the associated press reported in a study by the national highway security Administration found that traffic accidents cost the U.S. $871 billion a year that these message platforms can considerably reduce this number.

Key application will be a far above the earth diffusion rate of vehicles able to converse with others. This self-drive of cars will be allowed access to more data and in order with respect to its environment and work in accord with the technology is already obtainable radar discovery or cameras. For example when a vehicle is approaching a blind junction to a vehicle in the at right angles direction can warn other vehicles to whether it will be able to stop as a sign alter.