Top Ways to Monetize Your Blog


If you own a blog with many subscribers who look forward to your high-quality content – or perhaps your blog is shared frequently via social media – then making money with your blog will be a very easy process.

Below are some quick and easy ways to make money on your blog:

Promote Affiliate Products

Within your blog’s content, you can reference affiliate products that you promote. These can be promoted either within the content itself, or as the focal point of the blog posting, such as product review or an endorsement.

Click-Per-Action Offers

Click-Per-Action, or CPA, is when you get paid by a third party when visitors to your blog or website take a particular action, such as giving you their email address. There are many CPA networks you can go to find CPA offers you can include in our blog.

Some CPA networks offer payouts of just a few cents for every blog reader you get to click through to the offer while others can pay several dollars per click-through. The offers can be related directly to the content of your blog or entirely unrelated.

Brand Placement

Anytime you promote a particular product or brand on your blog, it is known as brand placement. If you have a lot of subscribers, or you’ve got a reputation as an expert in your field, many advertisers will pay to be associated with your blog.

Usually, companies will approach the blogs or websites they want to place their brand or products in. But nothing prevents you from approaching these companies and offering to promote their brands within your blog’s content, especially if your blog is already popular.

Sell Display Advertising

If your blog is self-hosted, you can sell as much display advertising you want and keep all the profits for yourself. What you can charge for ads depends on how many regular subscribers you have and your reputation as a blogger

Ads can be placed at the top, in the margins, or at the bottom of your blog page.

In-Text Advertising

Another type of ad you can sell on a self-hosted blog is in-text advertising. The links will be placed inside your text. You can differentiate them from normal links with a double underline. When a visitor rolls the mouse over the link, a pop-up ad will appear and lead them to your advertiser’s offer or web page.

Writing blogs to share your specialized knowledge with other people is fun and rewarding. But there’s no reason you shouldn’t make money at the same time, especially given all the hard work and effort that goes into producing, promoting and distributing a high-quality, informative blog