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The Comverse Inc is the global leader in the digital services and today announced that this entered into the definitive agreement for the purpose of to acquire the Acision, the privately-held leader in the secure mobile messaging services as well as engagement services which are based on the reading in the United Kingdom. This Comverse can acquire the Acision for the buy price consisting of exactly 135 dollars million in the cash and 3.13 million shares of the Comverse general stock and the potential earn out payments. The boards of the directors of the Comverse and the Acision approved a transaction that subjects for satisfying the closing conditions which is expected to complete by an end of a 3rd calendar quarter. Get the perfect solution dealing with this service and get more enough.


Cloud Multi VAS:

To provide the market leading Cloud Multi VAS as well as inter protocol messaging solutions, a combined company will give the service providers, OTT (Over The Top) and the enterprise consumers along with the large array of the fast growing phone monetization, digital services and enterprise messaging services in the top growth segments. This Comverse helps the CSP (Communication Service Providers) transition to the DSP (Digital Service Providers) and the gain competitive benefit via the portfolio of the solutions which help them to monetize a coming 4th wave of the digital services. A combined company has expanded the portfolio that will extend to the new digital application areas that including the data analysis, credit orchestration, M2M (machine to machine, secure enterprise application to the person and RCS (Rich communication services), API, two-factor authentication and web RTC for the quick service creation. This service will give you full responsibility for the data management. The Data Management will be completely safe and secure so you cannot worry about the safe and secure once you come with this best service.

Monetizing A Digital Wave:

Deal with the professional Data Management service. Comverse is at a core of an evolution about how the subscribers communicate and exchange information and also monetize a digital world. The unique four step plan permits the service providers to cost effectively and also successfully evolve the services into a digital era and enabling all to become a digital lifestyle player as well as seize growth opportunities of the future digital services. The step is that first you just simplify with a cloud and then modernize along with the extended reach and differentiate with the new service experience and finally monetize along with the evolved business offers. These are the four step plan for you. If you want to put this simply, then there is no one had a lot of experience in the successful equipping service providers for the purpose of to meet a future. But this service is the best choice for you. Once you come with this service then you will get more gains. This is the right place for you to handle each and every detail. So you please deal with this professional service and get lots of the benefits.