16 Celebrities And Their Equally Famous Clones


The problem of identity is a crucial one in the world of celebrities. We all know how important it is for fans to remember you. What happens when they keep calling you by the name of your equally famous look-alike?

The strange phenomenon raised many eyebrows and made some researchers suspect something fishy. Is cloning to blame here? What do you think?

1. Morgan Freeman & Kofi Anan

When Kofi Anan first addressed the world as the 7th Secretary-General of the United Nations, Morgan Freeman fans had an unimaginable shock.

Why gave up Hollywood to make the world a better place? Last time we checked the UN had no real authority, and Russia could veto their decisions at any moment.

Moreover, Kofi Anan is not the only celebrity often mistaken for Morgan Freeman. Nelson Mandela gets the same treatment, mostly because the South African President was portrayed by Freeman in “Invictus.”

However, the biggest urban legend is that God is Morgan Freeman. The mass delusion is the direct result of watching “Bruce Almighty” back in your childhood.