New York City Day Spa Etiquette


The New York Day Spa etiquette is a guideline on how to behave in a spa when you visit one. It’s vital to understand what is expected of you in order to avoid unnecessary embarrassments. The following are the most important spa etiquettes;


It’s better to arrive in the spa about fifteen to twenty minutes before, for this will give you ample time to change clothes, and a few more minutes for relaxation before experiencing the wonders of the spa. Running late may deny you the chance to have a special treat at the spa, this is because your treatment time will be under limitation. This would easily result in tension, tense feelings, and anxiousness and block your enjoyment. Your late arrival may affect the timing of the next client who would also be forced to leave late.  On top of this, arriving late would not result into you getting charged less, rather, you will be charged fully and this would be a loss to you.


Cancelling or changing the appointment

Due to the fact that the spa services are booked beforehand, should you want to cancel or change the appointment, you would then it’s good to have twenty four to forty eight hours allowance for this. Be specific on the change of appointment or cancellation otherwise you might be fully billed.


Most walk-ins are allowed by many spas. However, you can be denied the chance if it’s fully booked. Therefore, the best way to do it is to book early in order to avoid disappointments when walking in.

 Dressing Code

Casual wear are the most advisable for the spa. This is because they are easier to get off or on without much problems. Many spas do not allow one to bring their own robes or slippers. You need to enquire about this when booking for the spa services, so that should they allow you, then you would organize yourself earlier.However, remember that if you’re allowed, then you will be responsible for any staining or damaging of your attire. You cannot sue them, therefore, be very careful with your personal effects.