No Clothes, No Problem! Celebs Who Are Nudists


The following celebrities’ hobbies just happen to be something that is still taboo to many people. These celebs feel comfortable being in the buff, whether it be on film or off-camera. There is no shame in their game and they are vocal about their love of nudity.

Thandie Talks About Tenderness through Being Nude

The body seems to be a canvas according to actress Thandie Newton. She seems to be into some type of workout regiment which is really working out for her. There is only one thing to do when you have a bod such as Thandie’s and that is to show it off.

Thandie Newton has no problems with being nude on camera and she believes that it is actually a source of strength. She did a story with The Daily Beast and went on record as saying: “When you truly expose yourself, when you truly show that you have nothing to hide, people are tender towards you.” She also told The Daily Beast: “We associate nudity with sex. Not with vulnerability. Not with tenderness.”