Do Companies Need Social Media Managers?


In today’s world of competitive business, social media is undoubtedly one of the most influential marketing tools. Companies (both small and large) are increasingly using social media networks to stamp online presence by actively presenting their brands to existing and prospective clients. Getting social is the new way of conducting brand marketing and in it comes new jobs; community managers, online brand managers, social media managers and more. But why do companies need social media managers?

Online Brand Marketing

Social media is a marketing equalizer; small companies can equally participate in brand marketing without feeling intimidated by the big boys in the market. In the traditional ways of marketing, big companies can afford large strategically placed billboards, prime ad slots on TVs, Radio and Newspapers. Digital marketing on social media is different. With effective social media campaigns, even the smallest of the companies can conduct brand marketing on the same level as large corporations.

Effective Online Presence

Studies show that many companies that are active on social media networks lack dedicated social media managers to effectively steer their online campaigns. Social media management is more than having socially savvy staff. It’s about professionalism and being active on social media in the right way! Sounds strange, but the art of strengthening online visibility is more than just creating a social media account and sharing posts. Creating an impact on social media requires skills, planning and effective social media engagement.

Save on Time and Money

Combing online for news, creating search optimized posts, sharing, tweeting, engaging different types of users, creating interesting content; videos, images, facts, articles, updates, status etc. can sound fun for one day, but not when you do it on daily basis. Contrary to stereotypes, being a social media manager is not a second-rated job. Today, any company that needs to leverage on brand marketing through social media networks requires an experienced social media manager, with skills on a variety of tools and techniques. It will not only save company time and money, but also enhance the unified online voice of the company.

Enrich Social Media Personality

Social media managers are creators of online personality for their companies to the outside world. When existing and prospective clients interact with company’s content on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, they don’t “see” the social media manager rather, they feel connected with company’s brand and personality. Skilled social media managers understand social networks and they know how to create hypes and buzz around the company’s brand to dominate the online marketing.