Is Davor the Next Bitcoin?


In 2017, the world of Cryptocurrencies experienced the biggest boom! With hundreds of ICOs, we could hardly know what next to expect! Bitcoin has been the most popular Cryptocurrency and most valuable too. It is now one of the top five biggest currencies in the world. Almost every new Cryptocurrency depends on Bitcoin, either by having it as its major exchange for the ICO or depending on its Block chain.

Being digital currencies, what cryptocurrency would stand the test of time and like Bitcoin, make its first set of investors billionaires over a few years? This article brings Davor to spotlight!

To mention just a few, we’ve had the launching of Cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Dash, Naga, Exa, Ucoin cash, Bitcoin cash, Crypterium, Davor and a huge host of others. We do not know what to think of which coin. However, this article will examine the chances that Davor coin might stand in becoming the next bitcoin; next big thing, in the Cryptocurrency world.

With the recent crash of both the Bitconnect Lending and Exchange platforms, we might have a lot of questions to answer as regards this. Will this increase the number of investors in Davor Lending; which is now the biggest lending platform? Or would the current investors panic and cash out, enforcing the crash of other lending platforms including Davor? That can only be accurately answered by time.

Anyone would agree with the premise that any world business that fails or gets shuts down in the United States of America has crashed. The Davor Coin has proved this theory false. They made 150 million dollars in two months before the shutdown, they however hit 250 million dollars one month after the shutdown, making 100 million dollars in a month and without the United states of America. DAVOR COIN can survive without America!

Next to the World power we can see China as a big influence in the Cryptocurrency world. There are enough people to make the whole world in China. Her government, like the U.S.A. government freaked out at the potentials of a decentralized currency and banned mining in the whole of China. This did not make mining stop, but rather created opportunities for mining companies on other countries. Mining doesn’t stop, only the location changes. Chinese investors can however mine cryptocurrencies remotely since its all digital anyway.

Davor proves that it is a Proof of Work/Proof of Stake Hybrid Blockchain that makes use of the Scrypt POW Algorithm. Davor has been researched by experts and their claims have been found to be true. It has also been listed on exchanges like, and many others. Davor pays the highest interest rate in the history of lending and have recently reassured its investors that the current nose diving drama of all alternative coins will neither stop them from running their lending platform nor staking program.

Could Davor be the next bitcoin? Yes, it stands a chance, but no one can give a hundred percent guarantee. We all thought Bitconnect was here to stay until they couldn’t handle the DDos attack. We can only trust, we can only hope.