How To Spend Your Money Wisely


We all need to spend wisely if we want to grow our wealth or meet any of our financial goals. A properly planned spending would yield results such as more quality instead of quantity, and more savings for future purposes. What do you spend your money on? How do you spend your money? When you spend, how do you think? What do you think about? The answers to these questions are the determiners of whether or not, you are spending your money wisely. This article however, is a written guide for the purpose of ensuring that you spend wisely.

Spend On Things You Value – You must become conscious of what you spend money on generally and see how many percent of your expenditure is spend on the things you value. If you do not have a value system, make a list of the things that are very valuable to you (not just products, it could include securities or success in business). After you have done this, make another list of what you spend on and how much you spend on them. You can then check the list for how much you spend on the things you value. Adjust your spending to things that are valuable to you. (Do not forget that things that bring you joy are very valuable).

Identify And Avoid The Things That Make You Spend Unwisely – There are certain persons in our lives or around us that make us spend unwisely. Everyone has a weak point or place that we almost can not resist when it comes to spending. One must sit down to identify these places and make serious decisions backed up by actions that will stop you from being at those places. Stay away from things that don’t help you make progress in life, especially financially.

Remove Things You Don’t Need From The List – If you will spend wisely, you must stop spending on things that add no value to you. Make a list of things you spend your money on within a given period of time and remove the things that you do not need from the list.

Create A Budget – This simply means that you should plan your money. Write your expected income down, remove the necessities and taxes (if you still have to pay them) and make sure you do not spend outside your budget. This will be a kind of restriction on how you spend your money. It may not be easy at first, but you will get used to it with time.

Track Your Spending – Yes, even after you have made a budget, you must still track your spending. We sometimes spend money on minor things that are outside our budget and when we are reviewing our spending, they may be hard to trace. This happens especially when you just started using a budget. So, make it an habit to record everything you spend money on immediately you spend it in a small note that you always carry with you or on your smartphone. This will help you review your expense and spend more wisely.

Spending wisely generally depends on how conscious you are about your money and how you spend it. Before you can positively affect your spending, you must become a conscious spender.