One billion people on Facebook within a day


Mark Zuckerberg is to announce that Monday, August 24, for the first time since it was created Facebook over one billion people have logged into the social network in 24 hours to share their ideas, to interact with others or more just to peep at what was published by their friends. The CEO and founder of the company celebrates the event not as a tip of arrival or the achievement of a goal but as an significant step in a longer route to the future and reason far more ambitious.

In the rest of the post is continually makes reference to the world the modern world reflecting that the social network has every intention to carry on to connect people for a long time further extending its reach Action also attainment those for whom right of entry to the Internet is not easy. When we talk about our financial results, we use numerical averages but in this case are dissimilar. It is the first time that we reach this goal and is just the beginning of the road that will connect to the entire world.


We are very proud of our community for the progress we have achieved. The goal is to give voice to every single person to promote the knowledge and to include all the opportunities of the modern world. From this, one means of sharing becomes a tool of power and of freedom of expression to give voice to all for the benefit of the community.

A world more open and connected is a better world. Build stronger relationships with those you love, a stronger economy with additional opportunities and a society that reflects these values. The message ends with thank directed by Mark Zuckerberg to the entire community, because without the payment of individual members the platform would never have reached such a spread globally.