Amazon will test the drones for deliveries


Amazon will experience his service drones for delivery of goods. The FAA Federal Aviation Administration has in fact granted the company permission to fly its drones to start testing its service delivery by air. Amazon, in particular, will be able to fly its drones only during the day, below a maximum altitude of 400 feet (about 122 meters) and weather circumstances of perfect visibility. The means must therefore fly in optimal weather conditions.


The FAA also requires to Amazon to maintain eye contact with the drones during their flight the certificate issued by FAA testing also provide that the colossus of ‘ e-commerce provides monthly all flight data such as the number of transactions, the flight time of the pilots, any hardware or software malfunctions, driving evils and more . Despite the imposition of these rigid poles by FAA, question for Amazon is good news as the project delivery by drones seemed having aground just because of the rules of the American aviation which effectively prevented the flight of drones in zones inhabited.

Amazon, for one, had launched the idea, already in 2013, the use of drones for quick deliveries announcing the service First Air, but the idea was struggling to find its understanding precisely because of the strict rules of the FAA.

With new exemptions on Regulation of flight and the granting of this certification, Amazon will start working on its scheme of fast delivery by air, on hold, however, that the FAA has a square on the precise regulation of drone flight for commercial use permitting in do the use of these means as transport carriers.