Microsoft plans to unify all versions of Windows


We’ve been hearing various rumors a few months ago about the new version Windows 9, code-named Threshold. According claimed these early leaks, Windows Phone and RT would merge. But Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, said that their plans are more ambitious than we had thought. So, has confirmed that the company’s Redmond unify all platforms in a single operating system.

These statements have taken place during the press conference that was convened following the results of the last quarter. It was then that Nadella revealed the company’s plans, saying: “We will simplify the next version of Windows unifying all the versions on a single platform. So, let’s bring all our shops and operating systems to promote a more consistent user experience and give developers a range of possibilities.”


Nadella not give many details about it, but said his team of engineers has already been unified within Microsoft, so it is now a group of people working on a same version of Windows. In this way, it will serve for both phones and tablets to computers and even Xbox.

Also, there will be based on the operating system that may be adapted depending on the type of display you are using at the time. The same applies to the applications that will be accommodated depending on the operating panel, regardless of whether they are tablets, PCs or phones.

Combining this latter information to previous leaks, it’s like Windows Phone interface and tablets were to stay with the Metro style. Meanwhile, the computers would stay with the traditional desktop. In fact, when you unveil the desktop of Windows 9, we can imagine will be like.

In the leaked image we could see how the screenshot shows the Start button. The image shows the iconic switch but redesigned, with influences interface Windows 8. Though instant put Windows 8.1 Pro, Neowin says that this photograph was for Windows 9.

The colors that appear will be just as bold and vivid than in previous versions, so you will not lose the essence of Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. Also, it will include new authentication system software to combat piracy.

Until now, Microsoft licenses had been protected by a 16-digit code, of which there were numbers and letters. Now, as this protocol has been ineffective, the company has decided to force users to enter an account at Microsoft Store. Once this is done, consumers can download a maximum of five copies of the software.