Nest are Boosting Smart Home Market with New Releases


Google completed the acquisition of Nest early last year and, since then, the company founded by Tony Fidel has not announced any new product. Those offered to buyers remain today the intelligent thermostat dedicated to the regulation of the temperature in domestic and protect the sensor that detects the presence of smoke and carbon monoxide in the home. You may soon get a new entry.

Nest a new product coming to market

The company has in fact started to deliver to the editorial offices of the US invitation to a conference scheduled for June 17, as shown in the illustration attached below. It is not know which will be the object of the meeting, but you can make some assumptions. Taking into account the buy Drop cam dating back to a year ago it may be a device or a dedicated solution to video surveillance or otherwise of a project aimed at increasing. The safety of the smart home still if you think about the project Brills unveiled last week by big during the event 2015 it is not hard to imagine something related to the field of the Internet of Things.

Even a more profound integration between the solutions for the domestic and Android, in particular as regards the virtual helper Google Now for supporting voice commands , it is not entirely excluded. Returning to the current marketed products, in some countries (including European) the thermostat and Nest defend are distributed directly through the Google Play store, but not in Italy, at least for the moment. To learn more you have to wait 17 June. The only certainty is that the group of Mountain View will be more and more involved in the future in the field of smart home.